Family & Adult Mediation

Family & Adult Mediation

Litigation can be expensive and emotionally draining. It may take years to resolve your legal matter, at
the cost of an unfavorable result, drained financial resources, and/or excessive damage to an already
damaged relationship. Although litigation is necessary in some situations, it is not the only option to
resolve your legal issue.

If you want more control over the outcome of your case and you want to minimize your chances of a
lengthy and expensive court battle, mediation may be a good fit for you. Mediation is a voluntary and
confidential process, in which, the mediator assists you and all other parties in creating a solution to
your unique legal need.

Attorney Lewis can assist you in the following matters:

Divorce Mediation – To obtain a divorce, you must file a complaint with the court. Married individuals, who want to avoid a drawn out court battle, may find it useful to begin the process in mediation. Attorney Lewis will discuss your and your spouse’s interests in child support and custody, division of assets, alimony, college education for the children, health insurance, and tax returns, with the intent of drafting a separation agreement that can be filed in court. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on all aspects of your case, Attorney Lewis can draft a memorandum of understanding to assist you in court, which will discuss the issues that are agreed upon and those that are still in dispute.

Modifications of Child Support or Custody – Like divorce, you must file a complaint in court in order for an already existing agreement to be modified. However, to save time and money, and to possibly create or continue an amicable and collaborative relationship, it may be worthwhile to begin discussions with a mediator. After all, the children normally are the ones who suffer when parents are unable to resolve issues amicably.

Adult Mediation – As you get older, there are new challenges to face, such as making end of life
decisions. It is also a challenge when your family do not agree with your decisions. Whether the issue is
inheritance or burial instructions, Attorney Lewis can assist you and your loved ones discuss your
interests and possible solutions that can satisfy all parties involved. This will not only alleviate future
stress, but can bring families closer together.


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