Family Law

Your family and future are important. As complicated and stressful as family life may be, Law Office of Michelle E. Lewis can assist you with your legal needs. Whether you are getting a divorce, seeking child support, or requesting to be the guardian of a child, family situations can be painful and emotionally draining. There are many legal hurdles to overcome, and as such, it is imperative that you are represented by an Attorney who cares about your and your family’s interests.

Law Office of Michelle E. Lewis can help you understand the law, determine your needs and goals, and will strategize with you to help you accomplish your goals. Attorney Lewis is passionate about the clients she represents, and works closely with clients to achieve long-lasting solutions that will positively position them for the future.

Selected Services:
Child Support
Child Custody and Visitation
Guardianship of a minor, elderly, or incapacitated person

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